A few weekends ago I experienced one of those joyful moments again when a sense of absolute calm descended over me whilst sitting under the trees in the sunshine in one of my local restaurants, Molly’s Speakeasy Village Restaurant. It is a moment when the world feels right and my place in it feels secure. Am I talking hogwash or have you experienced this yourself before?

 Molly’s Speakeasy Village Restaurant

It is moments like these that my heart is flooded with sincere gratitude for the simple gift of life and all the little and big joys that come with it. In yoga we refer to this as Santosha.

Santosha (Contentment) – borrowed with gratitude from CorePoweryoga

Look to yourself and your own innate goodness for happiness; that is the only place you will truly find it. Santosha also means being present. Rather than wishing for things to be different in your life, accept and appreciate the reality of what is. Do you really need things to be different to be happy? Choose to be happy now. Cultivate santosha by making gratitude a daily practice. Notice the moments you are happy, even if they seem to be few and far between. Keep a gratitude journal. Count your blessings. Remind yourself often, “I have enough. I am enough.”

Practising yoga creates awareness of the sensations in the body and helps us to re-connect to how and what we really feel. It always starts with taking the first step. A little change that is manageable goes a very long way and the sense of achievement when the benefits of that little change are experienced is immense. That will lead to the next little step followed by even bigger steps. It is a choice. Do your self the favour of starting that life changing journey in a way that makes sense to you right now.