Our logo is inspired by Padmasana, the Lotus Pose, one of the most ancient yoga poses.

Padmasana represents the lotus flower, a symbol of life, ever-renewing youth and the growth towards perfection and enlightenment. According to Hinduism, the spirit of the sacred lotus rests within every human.

The lotus flower grows from the mud, rising above the water to open into the sun. It is a beautiful metaphor for the unfolding process of yoga according to Richard Rosen, a Yoga Journal editor: “In the same way when a person begins yoga, they are rooted in the mud as part of the mundane world. But as they progress, they can grow into a blooming flower.”

Our logo also incorporates the infinity sign, representing the timeless agelessness of yoga.

The line beneath anchors the logo in the same way that yoga brings safety and grounding in our daily lives, and the colour blue represents the bright blue sky and the hope that flows from that.