Here are the thoughts of a few people who are sharing their yoga journey with me. Please contact us if you would like to share your own experiences with visitors to the ageless-yoga website.

The difference yoga made to me was such a surprise!

I would never have described myself as being totally unfit: I walk a lot and lead a relatively active life. But it wasn’t until Anne Marie introduced me to yoga that I realised just how much a working life sitting at a desk had taken its toll. I suddenly discovered just how weak my muscles had become and just how much movement I had lost in my neck, shoulders and upper body. It was a surprise!

It was also a surprise to discover just how quickly even the simplest and most gentle yoga exercises started to get that movement going again; and the noticeable difference it made throughout my body. All those everyday activities that involve bending and stretching, even lifting and carrying, are much easier and more comfortable.

My third surprise was just how much I enjoy yoga. You can actually feel the improvements as they happen. There is a real sense of satisfaction and achievement, not to mention the calming and stabilising effect. I always look forward to my yoga sessions – they are rarely a chore. And I miss it when I have to miss a session.

Susie’s experience

I recently retired and have been fit most of my life. Unfortunately, I fell through a stupid accident and fractured my wrist. I then had complication of Complex reginal pain syndrome. So was strapped and in pain and out of action for months. Then I fractured my other wrist and developed arthritis. So I could not really do much in the  way of exercise. At the beginning of lockdown I joined Anne Marie on Zoom for yoga sessions. At this time feeling a little apprehensive along with feeling stiff and self conscious.
The difference these yoga classes have made to me physically and mentally has been so beneficial. Anne Marie explains every exercise and you can adapt the movement to your individual needs. I feel much fitter and more supple plus during chair yoga we do a lot of wrist shoulders hands upper body work. My pain has improved I have more mobility in my wrists my arthritis is better by far. Also my sleep pattern has improved greatly.
I will definitely recommend it and after lockdown ends my yoga will continue.
Thank you Anne Marie.

Sarah’s story

Anne Marie and I have been practising yoga for the past six months and although I have been to many yoga sessions in the past, I jumped at the opportunity to partake in Anne Marie’s journey and to enjoy the benefits of having one-to-one sessions.

We started with the very basics, Anne Marie always being very professional and diligent, making sure I understood how important it was to listen to my body and to take things at my own pace.

We also focused on meditation and the importance of mental and physical wellbeing in our everyday life.

We started with one or two sessions a week and then increased that to four times a week as the benefits we were both feeling from it were amazing. Being a busy mum of two, I have always struggled to make time for myself and my stress levels were always high. Now, I have not only lost weight, but have strengthened my muscles, improved my flexibility and suppleness, and most importantly reduced my stress levels.

Is yoga for you? 

Yoga can be for anyone, regardless of age, size or how ‘un-yogic’ you may think your body is.  However you only get out what you put in. Review our key questions to help you decide whether you’re ready for the transformational changes that yoga can provide.