This past few days I spent on a retreat at the Bhodi Kaya Eco Sanctuary in the Cape mountains in the Walker Bay conservancy. This area has the highest density of fauna and flora diversity in the world, measured by size (smallest in the world). Winter time, when the rain comes in the Western Cape, the whole area comes to life with the most amazing flower bounty. The water comes from the mountain spring down the valley straight to the tap for consumption. On the last day we walked up the mountain at daybreak to quench our first directly from the spring. This was after 36 hours of intentionally depriving ourselves from drinking pure water to intensify the experience. It tasted amazing and it was a thought provoking experience – the whole weekend was….. It was centred around water and how water brings change on so many levels.

Water brings calm and equilibrium in our lives

The first fact that was shared with us is that there is only finite amount of water on earth. The volume of water that was there from the beginning is still present today, not more not less. This thought in itself is quite mind blowing, because it brought home the fact that how I live my life will have a direct (or indirect impact) somewhere else, highlighting the interconnectedness of all creatures on earth.

The other aspect of water is that it strives to bring equilibrium. Our bodies consist of 70% water. When we sense someone else’s ‘energy’ it is really the water in our bodies that is striving to bring balance by sensing the water levels of those around us. I often find myself being influenced by how I feel and respond when I am near other people. The learning point for me was to notice what is happening in myself and then ask the question is it my ‘waters’ or someone else’s waters that is causing the vibration. Once that is clear, then to centre myself to stabilise my ‘water’ to stay authentic and true to myself to react from a calm and balanced place within me. This way my balanced and calm water will have a calming effect on those around me.

This may also resonate with you if you have been in a Buddhist setting where there are bowls of water intentionally placed to bring equilibrium, calm and stillness, something to consider in meetings or family gatherings. It will bring about equilibrium and balance.