Flexible Convenient and Customised

Making a change to habits and customs that were formed over many years can be challenging to say the least. When it comes to making changes to prepare for a healthier, stronger and independent self as you grow older really takes courage and will power. To make this journey easier, whatever changes you do make needs to fit in with who you are, your current lifestyle and most importantly, it must make you feel better so that you want to continue making those changes and re-forming habits and customs.

At Ageless-Yoga this is what we aim to do. We want to make it easier for you to fit yoga (and other physical activities – because yoga will create the need to do more over time) into your life so that it becomes part of your life as you move forward. Physical activity is good for the whole body, the brain and our mental health. Yoga is a system that adds many more layers to the physical aspect by creating awareness in the body that helps as become aware of how we feel, what we eat and how it makes us feel, how we feel if do nothing versus when we do yoga which creates flexibility and suppleness in the body, which is particularly noticeable when we get up in the morning or move after being seated for a while. The calming and de-stressing effects of yoga through breathing practices, quiet reflection and meditation brings resilience to cope with the constant changes of a busy life. It helps us become happier within ourselves which has a positive rippling effect on those we come in contact with.

Yoga is there for anyone at any phase or stage of their life. A little bit of yoga can make everyone feel better. It can be as relaxing or physical as is required by the individual. It can be fitted into a daily routine at any time of the day or place and most importantly in can be customised to meet any person’s goals and needs.

We are here to welcome you as part of our community and to help you make yoga part of your life.