Anne Marie started her yoga journey many years ago and has experienced the benefits that come with regular practice in body and mind.

Introducing your yoga teacher

Following the death of her husband, she also experienced the benefits of connecting with like-minded people and the strength and support that flow from these connections.

In 2018, Anne Marie registered on the Yoga Campus London 18-month teacher training course, partly to find inspiration to continue her life, but mostly to spread the magical benefits of yoga to others who may be experiencing personal difficulty or need a little help and support to a healthier way of life.

Yoga is an integrated system that considers all aspects of human life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. Not only does it connect you with your inner self, it also builds connection and empathy with others, which in turn has a multiplying reciprocal effect.

Yoga is available to everyone, regardless of their phase of life, age or ability. It creates awareness of subtle changes in the body and mind.

By listening and honouring what is uniquely you, you can start a positive, life-changing journey. It is a process and it requires regular practice at a pace that honours your own body, mind and life.


Anne Marie’s dream is to partner with anyone who is ready to take the first steps in honouring their bodies, minds and spiritual beings on this journey of awareness, connectiveness and general well-being. Her style of yoga is hatha, which is designed to align and calm the mind, body and spirit. Hatha focuses on the importance of breath to build resilience in the body and nervous system to offer support during periods of stress. Over time, this journey also brings flexibility and muscle strength.

photograph of Yoga Campus Class of 2020

Please join me on a life-changing journey towards a healthy, resilient and independent lifestyle.

Anne Marie