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We believe that yoga is a life-changing journey towards a physically and mentally stronger you

Bringing the magic of yoga to you

From quick lunchtime pick-me-ups to group classes and personalised training. Choose your first step in your yoga journey.

Chair Yoga

Put your yoga mat away: the only prop you need for this class is a kitchen or office chair! Join us for a lunchtime yoga pick-me-up.

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A 10-week programme of gentle yoga designed specifically for the NHS with beginners and people with health conditions firmly in mind.

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Bespoke One-2-One

A bespoke yoga programme designed around you to help you take care of your health, flexibility, physical and mental strength.

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What makes yoga so special?

We believe that you are never too old or too unfit to embark upon your yoga journey. But why IS yoga so good for you? Check out the links on the right for a few of the answers.

Health benefits

Research shows that yoga can have wide-ranging health benefits. So what difference might yoga make in your life?

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Yoga styles

There are many different styles of yoga. So what style do we practice at ageless-yoga?

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History of yoga

Yoga is not new. It has a long and distinguished history of innovation and development.

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New to yoga

If you’re new to yoga, you’ve probably got loads of questions. Here are a few answers to things we get asked about.

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Already know the classes you want?

Meet your teacher

Anne Marie started her yoga journey many years ago and has experienced the benefits that come with a regular practice in body and mind.  In 2018, she registered on the Yoga Campus London 18-month teacher training course, partly to find inspiration to continue her life, but mostly to spread the magical benefits of yoga to others. Find out more about her journey and why Anne Marie believes yoga is so important.

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Latest News

Anne Marie’s own personal yoga journey continues. You too can follow her journey, learn about ageless-yoga developments, and pick up some of her best tips and advice.

stress or relax image

Yoga during these uncertain times

During these uncertain times, the loss of control with disrupted routines and less access to our normal coping strategies can become overwhelming to even the most resilient among us. Furthermore,[…]

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31 May, 2020 0
Machu Picchu Peru

A message of hope

I share this as a message of hope.

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15 May, 2020 0
photograph of a lotus flower

The significance of the lotus

The link between the lotus flower and our new ageless-yoga logo.

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30 April, 2020 0

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